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  1. Elm Park

    The first one we can find just as we enter the park: the Pirate Cave. Our younger sims will be able to play and have fun here, whether it’s on the pirate boat or playing hide-and-seek. It has two fountains, lots of benches to relax and trees that provide shade. It also has an entrance to rhe Central Square. Following the path to the right, we will end up in the Fountain Square where our most romantic sims will find themselves in a loving and charming atmosphere. It has a small fountain in the middle of the square where you’ll be able to make a wish... To its left we find the Pond. It has many exotic plants and an amazing water jet that will certainly surprise our sims. It also has several chess tables in case our Sims want to play some games.
  2. The Seven Dwarfs' house

    As we all know, the seven dwarfs weren’t alone. Many animals living in the forest dropped by every so often.
  3. Rural house

    The house has 3 floors and several balconies, completely covered in stone, contrasting the dark roof. It also has a porch, perfect for enjoying the fresh air in summer afternoons. Wood Cook Stove A cozy corner ideal for those freezing-cold winter days. Authentic traditional dishes have their space here to be elaborated. Chimney, stove, comfy sofa, make up the perfect trio for having a relaxing time next to the warmth of the fireplace. Kitchen With a wooden central island and a sparkling chandelier, this space is perfect for cooking traditional dishes. An old arch connects the kitchen with the dining room, exuding elegance to the place. Master Bedroom The wood is present in the bed, walls and dresser, prevailing over the rest of materials. With a standing mirror and dark curtains a warm and cozy room is achieved.
  4. Loft: a lifestyle

    MODERN ARCHITECTURE. Large windows, functional and agreeable spaces make this house a perfect home for any time of the year. DINING ROOM. The strong colors break with the monotony of the black and white. The wooden table and the paintings supply to the house a vintage and alternative-like atmosphere that characterizes it. BEDROOM. The mixture of warm-colored prints gives the bedroom a hippie-style which invokes the romanticism in its purest state. The small details provide the room with a personal touch, characteristic in these spaces.