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  1. Dream Suite

    The suites are the best rooms a hotel has and therefore the most expensive too. They are usually rooms that don’t only have a bedroom and a bathroom but also include a living-dining room, an office space and in some cases, they even have a kitchen. In other words, a suite can be more like an apartment than like a room. An elegant and contemporary style is achieved by combining a neutral color palette and block-colored walls.
  2. Swedish Kitchen

    “My inpiration for this kitchen was a kitchen that I saw in an apartment in Stockholm. Weeks later I still had it in my mind so I just started to build it. Some posters in that kitchen are on Swedish because i live here in Sweden. I find it very Scadinavian, a very popular style here.” Download the rug and posters created by Viikiita: Links to download the furniture and objects in Sims Vita Magazine #5
  3. My Beloved Bedroom

    The bed is the must-piece of furniture in the house, the only one which is indispensable, the protagonist of the bedroom. A bed must be king-size, comfortable..., and must be a decorative element too during the day, when it’s not used. That’s why I usually dress them beautiful quilts and fluffy cushions. Another essential item in a feminine bedroom, in the case we like to get dressed up, is an enormous dresser, the perfect place to get ready to go out and keep our makeup, lotions and perfumes organized. I cannot forget to mention one of the greatest elements of the room, the spacious walk-in wardrobe. How has never wanted one of these? For me, a romantic terrace would be the perfect complement for the bedroom of my dreams. I would certainly organize lots of breakfast and romantic dinners here!