First details of the second issue

Last Sunday the Spanish Sims Community live streamed on Youtube an event to celebrate the 15th aniversary of The Sims. One of the live streams was hosted by Alfonso (@PonsAlfonso) from ActualidadSims, where Luciap25 (@Luciap25), Sims Vita's editor-in-chief. Here, she revealed the first details of the second issue.

This new issue will have new collaborators that will bring new sections to the magazine. In addition, the spectators had the opportunity to choose the cover of this issue via Twitter while the streaming was taking place.  Both of the competing-covers were espectacular, but in the end it was Beelz's (@ASBeelz) cover the one which emerged victorious.

At the end of ActualidadSim's live stream, the first trailer of Sims Vita's magazine was emitted. There we discovered the wining cover as well as the release date of the second issue: Sunday 15th March. Below you can view the trailer:

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