The Red Keep


How many times have you dreamed with your sim sitting in the Iron Throne and ruling the Seven Kingdoms?

Who said that dominating the Seven Kingdoms was complicated? With this imposing stone fortress, your sims will dominate King’s Landing without leaving the bed.

Sitting from his small lounge, your sims will see the ships entering the port and control everything that happens in town.


Since the fortress was built, the Iron Throne has stayed in the throne room. A platform raises the seat above all the people. The throne is wrought with lots of sharp swords, giving it a cold, hard character. Its appearance is assimilated to the character of the monarch who should sit on it.


The hall has long rows of columns that frame the central area and help highlight the presence of the throne. Long windows favor the entry of light and help appease the atmosphere of the room.


You can read the full article on issue 9 of Sims Vita Magazine.

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