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Interview to Alfonso Pekesims

“Creative, perfectionist and someone who likes to help other, as you will see reflected in his work. But, above all and since the beginnings, Alfonso is a simmer at heart.”

This is how Elvira, who together with Alfonso administrates, described his colleague. Surely she is one of the simmers who knows him better, though after this interview we hope to know a bit more about Alfonso and his experiences in the Sims world.



We know you love designing and building with The Sims. Which type of constructions you enjoy most making?
Undoubtedly I enjoy creating all types of houses. One day I may create a modern and minimalist mansion and another day I just build a charming house full of old furniture with an overdone decoration. I suppose creating houses of all styles for all players is where the equilibrium lies. It’s great to build and see how little by little the idea you had is taking shape, I really like it!

From all of the creations you’ve made so far, which one you would pick as the best one? 
I can say with absolute certainty Metsä, the last world I created for The Sims 3. From the modeling of the terrain to the smallest details in a Sim’s biography, I enjoyed every second I spent creating Metsä. I took me months of hard work to create it, but the final result was worth it.

The Sims 4 Building mode has brought tons of new tools that have made building much easier and user-friendly, but, is there some element you miss from The Sims 3?
I miss being able to edit the terrain. Although it was a tool I didn’t use much in The Sims 3, I miss it. I don’t know the reasons why they took it out, but I hope in the future they include it again. I also miss the Create a Style tool though not as much as I thought I would, but there are times where I think “Right how it would do well”.

Apart from building, do you like to create sims?
Strangely enough, it was not until The Sims 4 arrived that I liked to create sims. Before I hated the CAS - I found it boring. But now The Sims 4 CAS it’s so easy to handle and entertaining that it has made me go in and create sims simply for the pleasure of doing so. I love to trying to recreate real people. I can spend hours and not get bored, not even a little bit. 


From July 28th to August 1st, Sims creators from all corners of the world met in the Electronic Arts studios in Redwood City, California, where they had the chance to try The Sims 4 exclusively before anyone else. To this event, commonly referred as Creator’s Camp, only a few fortunate simmers had the honor to attend it, and amongst them was Alfonso, the only member from the Spanish community.

Simmers at the Creators Camp 2014 | Photo via @Alalasims


How would you describe your experience at Creator’s Camp?
It was a very enriching experience. I met people from all over the world which are passionate for The Sims - that was something you could sense. The atmosphere was great and we certainly learnt a lot from each other.

Did the event go as you had imagined it would? 
Not at all! I was very nervous as I didn’t know what or who to expect at my arrival. But it has been more than a simple Sims event - it’s been a fantastic opportunity to meet people and make new friends. There were at times where The Sims took a second place and we simply just sat around and chat, told stories, laughed... 

From what you experienced, what surprised you the most?
EA’s campus definitely! I knew it was a good place to work at but, wow! It’s made up of various buildings, surrounded by gardens full of trees, connected by cobbled walkways. They have all kinds of facilities: a gym for employees, a huge cafeteria...even a Starbucks just for them! In the Maxis building, for example, in the entrance the lamp was a giant plumb bob. There are also temporary exhibitions about EA games (when I was there it was about Plants vs. Zombies). It’s a place where it must be a joy to work, even with all the stress I’m sure working on the gaming industry brings.

Finally, do you have any funny anecdote from the journey?
Oh I have lots! I remember the 4 days we spent there, TheSimSupply, EnglishSimmer and I nearly died of cold. Our computers where located just below the air-conditioning duct and we were literally shivering while we were playing. But even so, we didn’t lift our hand from the mouse no matter how cold it was hahahaha. I also remember I couldn’t stop laughing with TheNumberswoman, from The Sims Resource. It was an event full of laughter, we had a great time.

You can read the full article on issue 1 of Sims Vita Magazine.

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