The Sims 4 Get To Work Q&A with SimGuruAzure

During the event, the producer of The Sims 4 Azure Bowie-Hankins gave a presentation about the game via videoconference, as she was attending at the moment the event that took place in France.

She explained us the general characteristics of the expansion. She also did a small gameplay where she showed us the most interesting features of Get to Work. At the end she answered five questions, which I had the honor to ask myself on the part of the Spanish community.

Here is an extract of the Q&A session:

Can the mannequins in shops wear customized content?
SimGuruAzure: The mannequins in the shops were not limited to what they can wear meaning you put clothes on them based on Create A Sim, so if you have clothes that show up in Create A Sim and you want to put those clothes in on your mannequins then they will show up. But as always with custom content, it is not tested by the game team. So while we are not limiting your ability to use them with mannequins, we haven’t necessarily tested that so we can’t guarantee it will be working correctly.

Are you thinking of including more active careers and new options related such as different types of businesses in future expansion packs?
SimGuruAzure: We can’t make any announcement right now about future contents but what I can tell you is that with all of the systems we are putting in place and especially with the retail and active career system, we built it a way where it would not be difficult for us to add more active careers. So that is not a closed door, but at the same time we are not making any announcement of any new active career beyond the three you get with Get To Work at this time.

You can continue reading the rest of the questions and answers in the article about The Sims 4 Get To Work in the second issue of Sims Vita Magazine (page 14).


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