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The Sims 4 Get To Work

In the event that took place on the occasion of The Sims 4 Get to Work, we had the opportunity to try out the alpha version of the expansion pack for one hour. As we had little time available, we decided to take a quick look to each of the expansion’s highlights instead of focusing on one only.



In this career you will be able to experience firsthand the busy day-to-day hospital life. You will have a daily horde of patients seeking for a remedy to end their discomfort. It can be from a cold to some strange spots on the skin.


It’s a pity that our ill sims aren’t able to visit the hospital, although this won’t free them from falling ill. Be careful with the viruses and the bacteria because at any moment they can attack your sims. If this happens, we will have to resign ourselves to order medicines by phone/computer. If we are not doctors, we won’t be able to visit the hospital unless our sim is pregnant and is about to give birth to her baby.



Step into the world of science and technology with this career. Your duty is to make a good use of the scientific material available. ¿Will you manage not to fall on the sweet temptation of evil?


In the FuturSim laboratories you will find everything that you need to make the ideas of your sim become true. Between the different available machines there are, the chemistry table stands out. Here you will be able to analyze the collectibles you pick up and analyze them. In addition you can create serums to improve or worsen both the physical appearance and the emotions of your sim or other sims.




If you want to live the action-packed lives we see in the famous American TV series, this is your dream job. Your duty is to solve the crimes and clean up the city from the evil.


The best part is that you will have to solve them from start to end. After you’ve been assigned a case, you’ll have to go to the scene crime to collect and photograph all the possible evidence. You can place all these evidence in the crime map.

Once this evidence has been analyzed and the suspect has been identified, you’ll have to arrest and interrogate him following different strategies so that he confesses the crime.


Back to The Sims 2: Business

Set free the entrepreneur you have inside and enter into the business world. This new expansion pack includes a new world, Magnolia Promenade, that has available four community lots (although you can change them to residential lots if you wish to live here).


The retailing system doesn’t bring many novelties with respect to The Sims 2 Open for Business, with the exception of several new options to manage your business such as paying for publicity campaigns, establishing the profit margins or seeing the financial report.


You can read the full article on issue 2 of Sims Vita Magazine.

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