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Interview to Pilar TSR

What do you normally do for a living?
I simply take care of my family and when I have some free time I create things for The Sims.

What inspired you to create custom content?
With The Sims 2, thanks to a girl named Merche I discovered Simbrella’s forum. They hosted decoration contests; there was a good atmosphere and all kinds of meshes available for those who were registered. When decorating the houses that I was going to submit to the contests, I missed having elements to my taste. I learned then how to recolor objects with a tutorial from that same forum. From this point onwards there is just one step if you have appetite of creating.



Have you done something like this before?
No, I’ve never done something similar to this. I knew nothing about 3D-modelling programs.

Have you thought of making a website of your own to upload all your content?
Well, in fact I have already done this before working with TSR. When The Sims 2 was around, I bought the domain simcontrol and Pau (a friend and The Sims fan) built the website. There you could find all my creations, but there was a moment when I could no longer bear with all the work the forum required, the meshes and the real life problems. That’s why I decided to close the forum and transfer the domain and my creations to my blog “Cosas de Pilar” (Pilar’s things) which is now Simcontrol.



Has somebody taught you how to make Custom Content?
Regarding my creations, my teachers have been tutorials. Little by little things started to work though with occasional temper tantrums and kicking of legs - I have broken some keyboards already jajajajaja.

You can read the full article on issue 3 of Sims Vita Magazine.

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