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Interview to Stephen SpringSims

In just a few months, your channel will celebrate its first birthday! You have managed to gain more than 9000 subscribers in that short period of time. What do you think has been the key to gaining such popularity?
When I started my YouTube channel almost a year ago, I set goal for myself to reach 1,000 subscribers (or hoe I call my subscribers, “Springsters”) by my first year on YouTube. By this time, I wasn’t expecting to surpass my goal of 1K. The time I’ve been YouTube, I learned that the key to success is to have originality and creativity in your own way. My motto for me is ‘always stay true to yourself’.


Why did you decided to open a YouTube channel about The Sims?
I’ve decided to start a YouTube channel about The Sims because ever since I was little around the age of 6 I’ve always wanted to do something that had to deal with art. Art allowed me to express my feelings in any shape or form. Since I had the Sims, I’ve felt that the game has allowed me to play with life and tell stories the way I wanted to.



When did you start playing The Sims? How did you discover the existence of the game?
I started playing The Sims when I was five years old in the year 2001. I discovered The Sims one day I went to the electronics section of a store. I have been always obsessed with gaming - since I was three! I know I was young, but you got to start somewhere, don’t you?


What type of Sims player are you?
I could say that I’m more of a Lets Player who likes to tell stories and add some drama to make them more interesting, as well to keep my viewers engaged.



Which videos do you enjoy the most recording?
I mainly enjoy recording my Let’s Plays because I love telling stories to make my series more interesting to the best of my ability.



You can read the full article on issue 6 of Sims Vita Magazine.

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